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ASMAA® has a separate section for Self-Defence this is the Self-Defence Federation (SDF). It covers all aspects of Self-Defence from Instructor courses, School programs to a full syllabus for those wishing to grade in a self defence system that works on the street.

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The Self-Defence Federation was launched in 2000 by Dave Turton. Dave is well known for his self-defence knowledge and teachings, being sought out by many high graded and famous instructors. In 2000 Dave decided to launch the SDF as an organisation dedicated to the furtherance of Personal Safety, Self-Protection and Self-Defence.

The SDF produce training courses, seminars and teachings that are welcomed by both the martial arts community and the general public. Many people want some form of self-defence training that didn’t include the more usual and traditional martial arts.

The SDF Self-Defence Instructors Courses, are specifically designed for NON martial artists. Community workers, personal fitness trainers, and many other organisations who simply wanted some form of 'qualification' to be able to teach basic simple and more important 'workable' self-defence methods.

Some minor confusion existed at one time when (without asking or looking more deeply into our remit) some martial arts instructors thought we were issuing 'black belt equivalent' status after just one day's tuition.

A one day first aid course gives a degree of knowledge and ability to the successful participents, but certainly does NOT make them paramedics. In a similar way our highly successful and popular SDF Diploma Instructors Courses are NOT black belts in any martial art, but simply a basic level of knowledge and abilities in self-protection and self-defence.

Successful candidates are authorised to teach very basic self-defence methods and knowledge but are not to be confused with a black belt status. HOWEVER, as more and more people from the martial arts world became interested in our work it also became obvious that several 'branches' of the same tree were becoming necessary...

We needed the basic self-defence programmes to continue via the SDF Diplomas, we needed 'specialist' programmes (usually One-Day Courses) such as the 'Rape Prevention Courses', the 'Knife Awareness Programme'(KAP), and many other 'specialist' course programmes..

In order to give those people who wanted to train and GRADE in pure self-defence, the SDF Modern Street Combat (SDF-MSC) system was devised with belt gradings from White Belt through to Black Belt rankings. The SDF MSC has NO uniform suit (gi) and all training is in English with only a passing relationship to the martial arts per se. However with the massive amount of interest over the years from the martial arts world in adding to their current styles, it became obvious that something else was needed.

Clubs and Instructors from most more common styles such as Kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Ju-Jitsu, Chinese styles etc wanted Dave Turton's teachings and flocked to our seminars. However many instructors were more 'comfortable' training in a more usual martial arts manner including the wearing of Gi's or uniforms etc and having a more martial arts based style, but still using workable self-defence martial arts methods as the core... thus was born the style:

SO with the SDF expanding and being incorporated into ASMAA as the official ASMAA Self Defence Division, we can further all aspects of the martial arts and self-defence worlds. ASMAA promotes and expands the more usual martial arts styles. The SDF Division promotes and teaches all aspects of 'Personal Safety' 'Self-Protection' and 'Self Defence' via our many programmes and instructors all over the UK. Schools, Corporate Training, Specialist Training and so much more are available through the SDF Division.

Working like a perfect 'marriage partnership', ASMAA and its SDF Division can provide EVERYTHING anyone can wish for in the martial arts and the self-defence worlds by ISIS System® .

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